Release Day!

It’s out, Aethelflead is on the loose.  People who have pre-ordered should be getting their copies soon (in the UK, US readers have to wait until the 1st August), and an e-book edition should be following shortly for Kindle, Kobo and e-reader users. 

For those buying the traditional way, The Warrior Queen is now available for purchase on all online retailers, and should be available to order or directly purchase in all good bookshops too.

Of course, when you read and love the book, please feel free to write a review, and I might even share some of them on here, or on the FB page.



Spread the word, recommend to friends, family members and anyone who wants to know the story of the great Lady of the Mercians – and the Lord of the Mercians too, for good measure.

Grateful thanks to my publisher Amberley, and all the people who helped me in the research, writing and editing process: you all get a mention in the acknowledgements. 

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