Some Great Resources

Great Resources

Aethelstan: The First King of England
it was amazing
Why is it that us Brits remember our defeat at the hands of the Normans, but seem to have largely forgotten the West Saxon ruling dynasty who effectively made England?
Alfred is at best remembered for burning the cakes in the popular ima…
Aethelflaed: Royal Lady, War Lady
it was amazing
Short Bio of Ethelflead, useful maps and index.
King Alfred's Daughter: The Lady of the Mercians
it was amazing
A good, and historically accurate account of the life of Ethelfleada of Mercia, daughter of Alfred the Great. If you want something that doesn’t engage in romantic or imaginative flights of fancy about ‘Fleda running off with Danes, or m…
The Lady Who Fought The Vikings
really liked it
To date, the only full- length biography of Ethelfleada of Mercia, and sadly its out of print so not easy to get hold of. I admit, there is a fair amount of guessing and speculation, especially about the subject’s character traits, but t…

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